Westmoreland County Employee Retirement Fund v. Inventure Foods Incorp. et al.

Case No. 2:16-cv-01410-SMM (D. Ariz.)


If you want to keep the right to sue or continue to sue Defendants on your own about the legal issues in this case, then you must take steps to get out of the Class. This is called excluding yourself from, or “opting out” of, the Class. However, you should know that the statute of repose on Securities Act claims has expired and, thus, you may not be able to pursue any Securities Act claims yourself.

To exclude yourself from the Class, you must send a letter by mail saying that you want to be excluded from the Class in the following action: Westmoreland County Employee Retirement Fund v. Inventure Foods Inc., et al., No. CV2016-00271. Be sure that your request for exclusion is written, signed and contains the following information: (i) the name, address and telephone number of the person seeking exclusion; (ii) the number of shares purchased pursuant or traceable to the SPO; (iii) prices or other consideration paid for such shares; (iv) the date of each purchase and sale transaction; and (v) a statement that you wish to be excluded from the Settlement. Members of the Class may not exclude themselves by filing requests for exclusion as a group or class, but must in each instance individually and personally execute the request.

Your exclusion request must be postmarked no later than October 3, 2018 and sent to the Claims Administrator at:

ATTN: Inventure Secondary Public Offering Litigation Settlement
PO BOX 30456
Philadelphia, PA 19103

The request for exclusion shall not be effective unless it is made in writing within the time stated above, and the exclusion is accepted by the Court. You cannot exclude yourself by phone or by e-mail.

If you make a proper request for exclusion, you will not receive a Settlement payment, and you cannot object to the Settlement. If you make a proper request for exclusion, you will not be legally bound by anything that happens in this lawsuit.

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